Chocolate Maestro Specialities


These are products created by our Chocolate Maestro, in which Wedel's chocolate is the key ingredient.









Do you wonder what treasure is hidden in this bar? We'll give you a tip! Its Przysmak made from milk and dark chocolate and stuffed with almonds, raisin, orange peel and crispy hazelnut wafers. It is a real treat for all Wedel chocolate lovers. Where to find the treasure? Only in E.Wedel Chocolate Lounges!










This intriguing form hides a true delight to the palate. The white and plain chocolate specialities are packed with hazelnuts, raisin, orange peel and crispy hazelnut wafers. To find Rarytas', go to E.Wedel Chocolate Lounges!












It is the most delicate combination of smooth chocolate, Polish milk and hazelnuts. This composition by E.Wedel Chocolate Maestro will amaze you with its elegant form and original taste.

Flavour options available:
- white chocolate and pistacia,
- white chocolate with hazelnuts,
- dark chocolate with walnuts.


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